BBQs 2u Have the Best Products for You from Gozney Pizza Oven Manufacturers

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Pizza lovers are many around the globe. They all love it when they get to have as many pizzas as they want without any restrictions, and this has become possible with the help of some best appliances.

Gozney takes pride in being one such manufacturer of the best quality pizza ovens. BBQs 2u is one such destination where you can find these pizza ovens for purchase.

BBQs 2u is an online retail destination for finding appliances from some top names in the market, such as Ooni Koda, Gozney, Kamado Joe, Blackstone Griddle, and so on.

This website is a special retail destination because it has been in business for more than three generations now and has become an expert in everything related to cooking, baking, roasting, and grilling.

One of the many inventions from the world of Gozney is the Gozney Dome Black oven. As the name says, these are the pizza ovens that are designed in a dome-like structure, hence the name.

These ovens help pizza lovers to enjoy an unlimited supply of homemade pizzas that are both healthy and tasty.

Key Features 

Gozney products are unique not only in their designs but also in their working mechanism.

These wood-fired ovens are known for helping you cook tasty dishes without taking much of the time. These appliances are easy to install in the backyards and can be dismantled with ease.

Some of the key features of these ovens include, 

  • The pizza ovens of Gozney are portable and compact to carry anywhere. You can carry these units anywhere, such as picnics, camping, backyards, and so on.
  • These units can reach a temperature of 932 degrees within a few minutes. You can start preparing food within the next 20 minutes after the wood is fired inside the oven. You can enjoy charred, crispy, and tasty crusts after cooking every pizza to perfection.
  • You can cook anything in these ovens, such as bread, meats, vegetables, fruits, desserts, and many other things. Hence, Gozney ovens are known as multi-purpose ovens.

Available Colours 

Gozney pizza ovens are available in many colours, such as,

  • Olive
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Brad Leone

The best feature of Gozney units is that they are suitable for usage by everyone starting from the first timers to professional chefs.

The ease of usage can make it very flexible for you to use these units for preparing anything and everything using them.

In-built features 

Gozney units are designed with many in-built features, such as

  • Digital thermometer
  • Innovative air ventilation
  • Unbeatable heat retention
  • Integrated steam injector
  • Accessory port to connect the accessories
  • A sturdy shield
  • A stand
  • Mantle for dome

You can find all the added accessories for the Gozney pizza ovens in BBQs 2u. This destination can get you everything in one place, including the things that are must-haves for easy handling of the ovens.

BBQs 2u is active on social media sites, including Facebook. You can follow them to get in touch with everything new that is happening in the world of Gozney.

They like to keep their customers updated about everything new that is happening in the world of their retail partners, such as Blackstone Griddle, Gozney, Kamado Joe, Ooni Koda, DeliVita, and so on. Follow them and stay in the loop. Happy shopping.

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