Which Hat is best for summer?

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With bank holidays and bursts of sunshine now upon us, a season of outdoor events is calling. And whether you have a barbecue, holiday or wedding on the horizon, a warm-weather fedora makes the perfect plus-one.

Not only is it an effortless way to elevate an outfit, alongside sunscreen and a trusty cover up, a brimmed hat is your best defence against the sun. And once you’ve found your summer hat, it’ll be the accessory you’ll rely on and enjoy all season long.

A summer hat is an essential accessory for sun protection and style during the warmer months. Here are some popular mens sun hat options:

Floppy Sun Hat:

Floppy sun hats are a fashionable and feminine choice for summer. They typically feature a wide brim that provides ample shade for your face, neck, and shoulders. Look for hats made from lightweight materials like straw or cotton for breathability.

Panama Hat:

Panama hats are classic and stylish options for summer. They are made from straw and feature a distinctive wide brim and a creased crown. Panama hats provide excellent sun protection and add a touch of sophistication to your summer outfits.

Wide-Brim Straw Hat:

Wide-brim straw hats are versatile and practical for summer. They offer ample shade and are often made from natural materials like straw or raffia, allowing air circulation to keep you cool. Look for hats with a loose, breathable weave and a wide brim for optimal sun protection.

UPF Hat:

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) hats are designed specifically to offer superior sun protection. They are made from fabrics with built-in UV-blocking properties to shield your skin from harmful rays. Look for hats with a high UPF rating, such as UPF 50+, to ensure maximum sun protection.

Bucket Hat:

Bucket hats have made a comeback in recent years and are a trendy option for summer. They feature a downward-sloping brim that shades your face and neck. Bucket hats come in various materials, including cotton, nylon, or even waterproof options, making them versatile for outdoor activities.

Straw Fedora:

Straw fedora hats are stylish and provide a more structured look compared to floppy hats. They typically have a narrower brim and a creased crown, giving them a sophisticated and casual vibe. Straw fedoras are lightweight and perfect for adding a

touch of elegance to your summer attire.

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