4 Action Cameras for Professional Bikers

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Sharing bike ride or amazing stunts with the friends and family is a very popular posting material these days. For a good high quality video, the biker do requires a camera which can easily capture literally everything and anything. Shooting and riding is a huge task, but action cameras make it thousand times easier to capture the shakiest moves. However, apart from the fun side of the camera, it acts as an extra layer of security as well. From recording accidents, to realizing where it went wrong, action camera proves to be a useful asset. In some countries they even created websites where bikers can launch complaints to the police departments without any delay. Be it on helmet cam or seat rear-view camera, you can now get rid of shaky videos and unclear shots.

With many different angles and many different views, action cams are one of the must haves if you’re a biker. Now you don’t need to go on a hunting spree for the best action camera from thousands of products like that. We short-listed 4 action cameras for bikers; choose what works best for you.

1- Insta360 One X2

Think of every feature that action-cam should have, Insta360 will provide you with that. With steady horizon mode, the camera stays where you want it to stay. 360 degree rotation and 5.7K camera with ultra-bright touch screen is what a biker loves to have. With Insta360 all the control is in your hands. Whether you want to go slow-mo or you want to shoot time-lapse, Insta360 One X2 is there for you. Get your hands on this amazing pocket sized action camera on Amazon promo code.

2- Insta360 Go 2 Action-Cam

For a world’s smallest action camera, Insta360 Go 2 works wonders. Weightless, it can fit anywhere without any issues. Wherever you go, the shots you take will always be steady due to its FlowState Stabilization. No matter which direction the camera moves; horizon level will stay the same with Go2’s perfect horizon level algorithms. Switching to different modes such as hyperlapse is made easy with Insta360 Go 2. The video editing burden is reduced from your shoulders if Insta360 is with you.

3- GoPro Hero9

Get a taste of a 5K video and 20 megapixels’ pictures with GoPro Hero9. If stabilization is a problem, GoPro will solve it for you with its HyperSmooth 3.0. No need to buy a waterproofing case when the camera itself is waterproof. Detachable lenses and 2 screens provide room for customization and creativity. With GoPro, you get to use tons of different features. With mind-blowing compatibility and hyper-stability makes it an amazing next-gen product you should get soon.

4- Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo

4K video on 120 frames per second is a really great deal. With Osmo it’s the new normal. Super-wide action camera requires perfect horizon steadiness and Osmo Action 3 do it like a pro. With cold resistant and long-lasting battery you don’t have to charge too much or too often. Dual touchscreen of this action-cam comes with extra features than a normal action-camera. what makes it stand out in the series of other action camera is being waterproof for over 16m.

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