fence installation

No matter whether you are a homeowner, a gardening enthusiast, or a DIY lover, your property deserves proper safety and an aesthetically appealing design. Besides adding curb appeal, fences also serve as a divider, act as a statement of care, add a layer of security, and add a strong component in adding the property’s value.

Here in this guide, we will assist you with fencing techniques that are a combination of strength, practicality, and elegance. To learn more in-depth, stick with us till the end.

1.      Choosing Right Material

The first step is about determining the material so that you can make sure of the longevity and durability of your chosen fence. It is advised to always use high-quality options such as wood, vinyl, or metal fences. However, each option comes with its pros and cons. Firstly, wood brings a classic and natural feel to your property. The design of the wood is versatile, which makes it easy to paint the wood according to your style and preference.

But at the same time, wood needs proper maintenance to avoid any decay, rot, and insect damage. Secondly, vinyl fences are low maintenance as they can resist weathering and are easily cleanable. They don’t easily fade under sunlight. Thirdly, aluminum fence installation offers high durability and security. These Metal fences are solid and are available in intricate design. However, they need proper treatment to avoid rust.

2.      Installation Essentials

The installation of the fence is as crucial as choosing the right material for the fence. The process of installation begins with setting the posts as they are the backbone of all fence-related projects. Make sure to install the fences properly so they can successfully withstand the test of time and the outer environment.

First, make sure to dig deep in the ground to set fence posts, around one-third deep of their actual length. Then support the place with concrete. This is even more essential in the case of horse fence to make them more solid and durable as horses are powerful animals. A good depth provides stability against any strong force or wind etc. spacing also matters in fence installation. Try to have 6-8 feet spacing for your fence posts.

  1. Design And Customisation

Fence is not only a medium of safety of the property. It also enhances the appearance of your property, especially houses. You can even customize the fences according to your preferences. For instance, you can select the accurate height and color for the decorative post tops. The height and color of the fence can set a complete tone for the exterior of your property thus enhancing its market value. In customization, you can also integrate the landscape features like planters.

  1. Maintenance And Care

The lifespan or longevity of the fence can be enhanced if you take good care of the fences. Regular maintenance is necessary. The maintenance routine may vary based on the type of material you choose. For example, in the case of woods, you should apply a sealant or protective stain after every two to three years. Moreover, always inspect the fences to see any sign of ro, decay, or insect damage.

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