Food Screening Laboratory for Nutritional Value Screening in Chennai

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Food is most important point for living beings to live. Because food is made up of nutrients, it provides all the essential nutrients to our body. In our hectic timetables, we often consume according to our convenience, as opposed to what is healthy. The consumption of nutrients routinely is very crucial for an individual. If not, it might bring about nutrition danger factors like Hypertension, Disease, Obesity, Stroke, Kind 2 diabetes mellitus and also Nutritional anaemias.

A proper and also well balanced nourishment gives essential assistance for a healthy and balanced body. Food Nutrition Testing is must because nourishment levels are required for a human body to do his daily tasks. SFTS is just one of the most well-known Nutrition Screening Labs in Chennai to examine the nutritional value of your food. SFTS conducts food testing for all nutritional parameters and is certified by NABL. We produce one of the most proper nutrition truths tag for your food products. All food nutrition analysis at our lab is carried out by expert food researchers who have years of experience in the food sector.

We give Chemical, Biological as well as Mechanical Examining techniques to guarantee exact outcomes for our food makers as well as consumers. We provide the best Chemical Examining of Food Products in Chennai with nationwide along with global common examination approaches. The examinations at our research laboratory are taken care of on items such as Food and Agricultural Products, Water, Spices, Marine Culture Food products, Cosmetics as well as crucial oils, Industrial and Fine Chemicals, Soap Cleaning Agent as well as Toiletries and likewise Product packaging Materials. Thinking about the customer satisfaction, all these examples will be gathered by our personnel at your doorstep.

We execute a wide range of test approaches to describe the dietary aspects of food. SFTS gives accurate examination results for the customers because they are much more knowledgeable about health benefits of dietary food as well as customers today are demanding for additional information regarding their food. Ours is the very best Food Nutrition Screening Lab with modern lab tools and skilled personnel. We utilize advanced strategies in screening as well as likewise supply Nutritional Screening Solutions at practical market prices. We try our level best to aid in shielding the safety and security as well as top quality of your foodstuff.

SFTS is the only Water Examining Laboratory in Chennai that has actually been included to provide the testing solutions for the items like Food and Agricultural Products, Spices, Fruits and Vegetables, Milk, Marine Society Food Products, Pet Food and also Feeds etc.

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